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Portfolio Tag: Increased Productivity

Increased Labor Productivity

Situation This client manufactures welded metal tubes. Their coolant reservoir was manually controlled. As a result operators were spending too much time with coolant issues and mill efficiencies suffered. Process Improvements CMI technology was implemented to monitor and control the coolant reservoir 24/7. This allowed the factory to move towards a steady state level of…
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Improved Product Quality / Reduce Scrap & Rework

Situation This company was having challenging product quality problems in their Finishing Department. They made the decision to upgrade their operations and incorporate Profit Finders technology. Process Improvements CMI installed monitors, controls, and alarms the temperature, conductivity, and pH of the chemical baths in their pretreatment washer. Now that the tunnel washer process is on…
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Brought First Shift Management to Second/Third Shift Through Technology

Situation This client was having poor line efficiencies and product quality in second shift compared to first shift. Process Improvements CMI technology was used to monitor and alarm key process parameters and make automatic adjustments. Sensors were programmed to take readings every 10 minutes and all critical data was made available for viewing from any…
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