Chemical Methods remains open and operating as an essential business.
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Case Studies

  • Chemical Methods Solves Multiple Operating Issues for Customer, Cutting Thousands in Costs

    Chemical Methods Solves Multiple Operati

    While manufacturers have adopted lean culture to minimize waste in their processes, the pretreatment process is often overlooked even though…

  • Energy Cost Reduction

    Energy Cost Reduction

    Situation This client was firing up gas burners to bring chemical baths up to temperature without any monitoring. When operators…

  • Reduced Water Cost

    Reduced Water Cost

    Situation This client has several large parts washers located within their facility and all use multiple steam plates for heating.…

  • Increased Labor Productivity

    Increased Labor Productivity

    Situation This client manufactures welded metal tubes. Their coolant reservoir was manually controlled. As a result operators were spending too…

  • Reduced Wastewater Costs

    Reduced Wastewater Costs

    Situation This client in their continuous improvement planning process identified water conservation as a top priority. Process Improvements CMI technology…

  • Improved Product Quality / Reduce Scrap & Rework

    Improved Product Quality / Reduce Scrap

    Situation This company was having challenging product quality problems in their Finishing Department. They made the decision to upgrade their…

  • Brought First Shift Management to Second/Third Shift Through Technology

    Brought First Shift Management to Second

    Situation This client was having poor line efficiencies and product quality in second shift compared to first shift. Process Improvements…

  • Reduced Chemical Cost

    Reduced Chemical Cost

    Situation This client uses large quantities of an alkaline cleaner to clean locomotives before painting. They were using manual control…

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    Greenhouse Gas Reduction

    Situation This Fortune 500 client was receiving monthly natural gas and electricity bills but had no data to determine with…