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Portfolio Tag: Cost Reduction

Energy Cost Reduction

Situation This client was firing up gas burners to bring chemical baths up to temperature without any monitoring. When operators arrived in the morning they immediately fired up burners. Burners were not turned off until the very end of the workday. Often bath temperatures were higher than required. Process Improvements CMI technology was implemented to…
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Reduced Water Cost

Situation This client has several large parts washers located within their facility and all use multiple steam plates for heating. On occasion one of the steam plates will start to leak and contaminate their condensate return lines back to the facility boilers. This causes several costly issues including: Dumping large quantities of water that is…
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Reduced Wastewater Costs

Situation This client in their continuous improvement planning process identified water conservation as a top priority. Process Improvements CMI technology was implemented to monitor, gather data, and alarm an automated high volume immersion phosphate line that is run 24/7. Baseline data was gathered for a period of time before changes were made. The baseline data…
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Reduced Chemical Cost

Situation This client uses large quantities of an alkaline cleaner to clean locomotives before painting. They were using manual control methods to add the cleaner to their washer. Process Improvements CMI technology was implemented to monitor and control the cleaner concentration automatically to improve quality and reduce costs. Benefits Delivered Improved cleaning performance and virtually…
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