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Zirconium Treatment

The Many Benefits of Zirconium Treatment vs. Phosphates


Zirconium treatment can be accomplished at lower temperatures. This will reduce your energy costs. Water, chemical, equipment maintenance, and waste treatment costs will also be reduced by converting to zirconium. Your bottom line will improve!

Zirconium treatment can increase corrosion resistance and paint adhesion compared to your current phosphate process. Your product quality will improve!

Excess phosphorus runoff from farm fertilizers, sewage, and industrial pollutants can adversely affect plant and animal growth, as well as human development. As a result, many state and local government agencies have restricted the amount of phosphates that are permitted in wastewater. If your local government has not already come down on phosphate waste, it is only a matter of time.


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CM-6004 CM-6006 CM-963
Type Reactive / Ceramic Reactive / Ceramic Nanoceramic
Five + Stage X   x
One Step Spray Wand   x  
Two Step Spray Wand x x x
Cleaning   x  
Multi-Metal x x x
Low Temperature x Maybe x
Five Stage Washer
CM-5004 Rinse CM-6004 Rinse CM-997
Seven Stage Washer
CM-5390 Rinse Rinse CM-6004 CM-6004 Rinse CM-997
Manual Spray Wand - One Step
CM-6006 Rinse
Manual Spray Wand - Two Step
CM-808 Rinse CM-6004 Rinse