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Laser Oxide Scale Removal

Remove 100% of Laser Oxide Scale


You must remove laser oxide scale prior to painting parts in order to produce a quality finished part.

Manual methods to remove scale such as grinding and shot blasting will always miss some of the scale. Using specially formulated chemistry is the only way to guarantee 100% scale removal.

In the photo to the right the part on the right shows the oxide layer. The part on the left has 100% of the inorganic oxide scale removed through a chemical cleaning process.


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CM-5055-LX CM-5055-S CM-434-L CM-493 CM-493-B CM-5075 CM-5061
pH Acidic Acidic Acidic Acidic Acidic Acidic Acidic
Spray X         X  
Soak   X X       X
Gel       X X    
Sludge Softener X X          
Heavy Duty / Thick Cuts           X X
Steel Parts X X   X X X X
Stainless Steel Parts     X        
Phosphoric Acid X X   X   X X
Sulfuric Acid           X X
Hydrofluoric Acid     X        
Urea Hydrochloride         X    
Nitric Acid     X        
Hydrochloric Acid       X